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Veterinary Consultations

If your pet is unwell you will need a consultation with a vet, and our experienced team is here to help. Veterinary consultations also cover general health checks, vaccinations, general care advice, behaviour issues, pet passports, or any other questions or concerns you have about your pet.

dog with bandage on paw

Our veterinary consultations are all inclusive, so you will not be charged extra if you have additional services within your consultation, for example nail clipping or anal gland checks. We also will not charge you extra if you require a vet for something that is usually done by the nurse, unless there is additional treatment or advice required. We will encourage you to use our highly skilled nursing team as much as possible, though, to allow the vets to concentrate on the patients that need them most.

Cat laying in hay

We believe it is important for you to get to know the people caring for your pet. We try, where possible to keep you with the same vet throughout a particular course of treatment. If you do need to see a different vet, they will have all your pets records to hand in order to continue the treatment in the best way for you and your pet. If you wish to see a particular vet at any time, please let the reception team know when booking your appointment and they will advise you when that vet is available.