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Visiting Referrals

When your pet is sick, we know that you want to give them the best care that is available. Sometimes that means we need to refer them to a vet with specific skills, knowledge or equipment. This often means travelling long distances. We know this can be expensive and inconvenient for you, and may be stressful for your pet too. To help with this, we have a newtwork or referral vets that can come to us to treat your pet. This means that your pet can have the benefit of expert treatment without having to go somewhere unfamiliar, or take a long car journey.

Cat sitting outside carry box

Currently we can offer this service for:

We also offer our own expertise in Behaviour, Acupuncture, and Laser Therapy.

For urgent cases, we may not be able to wait for a vet to come to us, so you may still need to go to another practice. But for many non-urgent cases, it is a cheaper and more convenient option.