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Niamh Archbold RVN

Niamh Archbold RVN

Fact File

Job Title: Veterinary Nurse
Nickname: The Irish One
Joined Riverside in: 2017
Pets: 1 dog
Animal she would be: Otter

I started out doing some work experience in a veterinary practice in Ireland and I completed a Veterinary Care Assistant Course. When I came to the UK I worked as an auxillary vet nurse for a while before finding a position in a training practice and starting my vet nurse training. I came to Riverside part way through my training in 2017 and I love the friendly, family atmosphere we have here. In 2019 I was delighted to complete my training and qualify as an RVN.

I chose veterinary nursing because I was always interested in nursing and caring. I considered human nursing but I felt caring for the animals would provide more interest for me. What I love about nursing is actually caring for the patients and seeing them get better. I love making them comfortable and providing for their needs when they can't look after themselves.

I am quite interested in behaviour as well, and I would like to study that further in future. I would also like to go on to do further qualifications now that I am an RVN, I think there is always more that we can learn to help us care for the patients better.

I grew up on the outskirts of Dublin, and there was always animals around, dogs, cats and rabbits, as well as some cows. I love travelling, I have spent some time animals in Austrailia and I love learning about other cultures and there are loads of places I still want to visit.