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Kirsty Gladwyn

Kirsty Gladwyn

Fact File

Job Title: Practice Manager
Nickname: Zookeeper
Joined Riverside in: 2020
Pets: Dogs, cats, horses, tortoise
Animal she would be: Tiger

I came to Riverside as a career change in 2020. I have a degree in Environmental Management and Technology and previously worked in office and administration jobs looking after logistics and contracts. I really wanted to get more involved with people and this job ticked all the boxes. I now have a greater role in managing the team as well as looking after our clients  . With animals being a great love of mine, it is perfect that I get to see them everyday, and help the team give the the best care too. I had an unusual start to the job as I joined just a couple of weeks before lockdown started in 2020 so I had to work from home for a long time at the beginning. It is a great team here though and they managed to make me feel welcome in the short period I was in the building, and they all pulled together to keep the team spirit going through a really tough year.

I am so please that I came to this job as there is so much variety in my daily work. I love the poeple I work with and am really enjoying have a more client facing role than I have in the past. It is wonderful to be able to help people to do the best for their pets. I get great satisfaction that by managing the business and the team well I am a part of providing the care they need.

At home I have a whole bunch of animals myself, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 horses and a tortoise so they take up quite a bit of my time. I love all animals although I am allergic to bees and wasps so I do try to avoid them and the trip to the hospital from getting stung. In my spare time I enjoy horse riding as well as reading and jewellery making, but I'm quite an impulsive person so I'll give anything a go.