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Katja Wagner MRCVS

Katja Wagner MRCVS

Fact File

Job Title: Veterinary Surgeon
Nickname: Crazy Lady
Joined Riverside in: 2018
Pets: 2 dogs cat rabbit
Animal she would be: Unicorn

I started with Riverside in 2018 after working in a dedicated emergency practice for some time. I trained as a vet in Vienna, Austria and worked there for a while before moving to the UK about 14 years ago. I now do 3 days a week here and I work in both Abergavenny and Ebbw Vale.

During my career I have mainly worked as a general practitioner or in emergency practice which is a particular interest of mine. I get great satisfaction from the results you can get from treating emergencies. You can provide fast relief for patients in discomfort and see results quickly, as well as literally saving lives in many cases.

I always loved science and medicine, and growing up in a rural area with animals all around, veterinary science was the obvious career choice for me. We always had lots of pets when I was a child, and now I have 2 dogs a cat and a rabbit at home. Being a vet gives me lots of variety in my daily work and I obviously enjoy making the patients better and making their owners happy. While I have mainly worked with small animals throughout my career, some of my favourite animals include donkeys and pigmy goats so I enjoy treating any type of patient that is presented to me.

Outside of work I like outdoor activities such as kayaking and long walks - I like to find the long way round and discover what is out there to see. When I'm not feeling so energetic I also enjoy a bit of pottery which is a very relaxing passtime for me.