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Elena Jones

Elena Jones

Fact File

Job Title: Veterinary Nurse
Joined Riverside in: 2018
Pets: 1 Cat
Animal she would be: Cat

I joined Riverside in 2018 because I was looking for an independent practice with a good business model including a strong ethos of care. I have worked in a range of places through my career including permanent positions as both a nurse and head nurse, as well as locum positions across the country.

I became a nurse because of my passion for animals and a desire to help the community. I love working as a consult nurse where I can get involved with the owners and really help them to find the best ways to care for their pets. For me this is such an important part of improving the health and welfare of all our pets and helping pets and owners to have the best relationship they can.

Life in veterinary practice can be stressful so it is important to find time to relax at home. My favourite ways to do this include walking and reading, but I also just like to chill out in my own space at home. This is why I would be a cat if I were an animal, so I could just sleep all day and get up to eat – just like my cat Tilly!